Commercial Demo Produced by Nancy Wolfson.  
Promo Demo Produced by Chuck Duran
Animation Demo Produced by Susan Palyo and Donna Grillo    
When he’s not shredding the surf of Los Angeles’s beautiful coastline, you can find Eric voraciously devouring tacos and performing stand up comedy at some of the top clubs in town. A self proclaimed internet junky, he starts his day by scouring reddit for the funniest thing he can find and posts it to his hilarious Instagram feed @ericjustr.

Eric is a graduate of Nancy Wolfson’s classes and has a voice described as “If a sexy hipster met a Mountain Dew drinking snowboarder” Nancy directed and produced his commercial demo that is also posted on her website.

You can hear him doing regular promos for the PBR on CBS Sports Network. A sample of which is featured on his rockin promo demo that was directed and produced by Chuck Duran at

Recently he has been studying animation and commercials with Donna Grillo who helped write his animation demo that was directed and produced by Susan Palyo at Since then he has booked his first roll in a feature as a supporting character. The project is in production and more information will follow.

Eric often goes by Eric, but you can call him Eric, he’s not picky. His middle name is just the letter R and it stands for nothing but the letter R, hence his internet moniker @ericjustr